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Looking for an engaging LMS? We’ve got you covered!
Seturon is a one-of-a-kind adaptive educational platform to help students stay engaged throughout their learning journey
Attention to details
Our attention to detail at every stage of platform usage allows us to enhance the Seturon learning environment
Courses creation
Easy creation of interactive courses with adaptive learning paths
Studens management
Streamlined process for adding and managing students
Motivational mechanics
Multiple platform mechanics for engaging users in the educational process
Analytics system
Flexible reports for discovering insights and improving the effectiveness of learning
Create courses easily
Smart adaptive system
Seturon’s visual online constructor lets you create a course and tailor distinct student learning paths that adapt to individual progress and choices
Easy Editing
Create and update courses easily with our intuitive editing software — no coding skills required. Streamline the process by building from scratch or reusing existing content
Interactive content
Create engaging courses with interactive blocks, including longreads, videos and various types of tests with manual and automatic checking. New blocks are regularly added
User-friendly interface for managing students
Add users in any convenient way: send invitations, upload them one by one or in bulk. The first courses will be automatically assigned to them
Croup students and assign courses
Seturon will send them notifications, invite them to join the course, and remind them about upcoming deadlines
Open access via the link
Should the course be available to all, including unregistered users? One click and it's done
Seamlessly add users and enroll them into courses
Up-to-date award certificates
Choose certificate templates, adapt them to your brand and award them to your employees
We developed tools and interface that provide deep personalization of all student activities
Engage learners effectively
Don't let your students lose motivation and drop out of your courses. Our unique mechanics create an enjoyable learning experience that keeps them motivated
Make learning fun with achievements, leaderboards, badges, and rewards to enhance the student experience
Our courses are divided into sections and smaller blocks
for easier memorization
Decision buttons
Social learning
Get feedback from students on the course overall or on individual course blocks with our reaction feature. Plus, stay tuned for upcoming social mechanics such as chats and comments
Mobile-first LMS
We’ve created a mobile-focused platform for students that’s designed with their needs in mind. They can access courses anywhere and anytime
Our automated notifications will remind students of their learning at the most convenient times
 It’s time to study!
3:00 PM
Measure your learners' success accurately
Well-designed and easy-to-understand reports, along with carefully selected key metrics from a large amount of data, will help your business see the big picture and find insights for growth.
Keep track of learners feedback on the course
Analyzing student reactions will help you stay in touch with the pulse of the audience and create the most engaging content possible
Learning performance
Our analytics system will assist you in evaluating learner engagement and material comprehension, enabling you to identify areas where learners may struggle
Real-time tracking
Track performance from every angle with real-time or scheduled reports, dynamic dashboards and exportable Excel sheets
Suggest ideas for the platform features
If you are in need of additional services, which you didn’t find in the ones stated above, leave an application and we will consider the possibilities of providing it
Contact us
Our team is ready to help you find the best solution tailored to your business needs. Don’t hesitate — contact us
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