Packaging your
We create educational materials of any difficulty to suit your needs and objectives.
Simplicity brings value and creates opportunities
In our complex world simplicity amplifies results. At SETURON we make content creating easier, giving your brand an opportunity to speak louder, grow faster and be stronger.
Creating a course
We offer services to help you create an educational program. We will gather and systemize your knowledge - or find professionals with similar area of expertise.
Creating a set of articles
If you have knowledge that you would like to share, we will help you transform it into a set of articles.
We will help you with:
We are aimed at your success
Our team consists of experienced authors, editors, translators and designers. Together with experts from different industries we prepare high quality educational materials in different languages and improve them with illustrations, animated elements and interactive charts.
How we create content
We operate on the principles of content pipeline: responsibility zones are split between different employees. This approach minimizes subjective judgments and mistakes.
Expertise is a foundation for everything
We systematically collect expertise, structure it, remove subjective judgments and conduct fact-checking. This helps us to obtain knowledge, which becomes a foundation of a future educational program.
participated in the content creation for our educational programs.
is how long it takes on average to collect and systemize expert data.
Reworking and visualizing information
Professional authors turn knowledge into studying materials, and editors remove subjective judgments. Designers and illustrators visualize the information in the form of vivid pictures and interactive charts. And this is how our educational materials are created.
Authors, editors, illustrators and designers are involved in every project.
years of experience
is the average length of relevant work experience of our employees.
Digitization of studying materials
Our content management system allows us to digitize all studying materials and create different courses. Every topic in the course contains interactive charts to better illustrate the subject and assignments to check how well the topic was understood by the user.
Collecting feedback and improving studying materials
We make sure that our courses are clear and understandable to our users. We collect data to analyze the studying process and conduct interviews with our students.
Our research center finds respondents from the target audience and tests all materials according to our playbook.
An internal analytics system determines where users experience difficulties and helps us improve the situation.
Create content together with us
Tell us about your problem and we will come up with a perfect solution.