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We have created an educational platform that applies various mechanics to keep you motivated, and we are producing content for it ourselves. We guarantee the quality of your education.
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Your subscription gives you access to all the courses. You do not need to buy newly added ones.
Have fun while studying
You don't have to learn boring texts. Gamification and microlearning make studying easy and fun.
Feel your progress
Interactive charts will visualize your skills and knowledge improvement.
Own your career path
Materials you study get reflected in your CV. The better the results are, the more chances you get to be noticed by potential employers.
The platform adapts to your needs
We have created a system, which uses algorithms to understand your interests and create a personalized studying program. You will be offered to complete additional courses and materials based on what you enjoy studying.
Difficulty level
The system automatically adjusts the difficulty level while you progress through the courses. This will help you to stay engaged in the process up to the end.
Personalized feed
We weekly update your personalized feed with additional materials to study, according to your interests.
Learning is delivered in bite-sized pieces
All of our courses are composed out of topics, which are divided into smaller microtopics - brief info-paragraphs. Information is easier memorized when it is split into small parts.
Do not study the same thing twice
The same topics can be a part of different courses. You only need to complete them once. And you do not have to worry if there is something you forgot, our smart system will remind you what needs to be revised.
Theory and practice
At the end of each microtheme there are questions and tasks. At the end of every theme - practical assignments. And at the end of the course - a final test. All of this helps you summarize everything you have studied throughout the course.
Only the content interesting to you
Every week we compose a personalized feed based on your interests: articles, quizzes, new courses and themes. This helps you study new things and revise what you already know.
Keep track of your progress
Your personalized account will contain information on how long you have studied and what you have accomplished. The results will be transferred to your CV and presented to potential employers. The better you study, the better are your chances to get noticed.
We do everything in our power to keep you motivated
Up-to-date certificates
You get a certificate for each course you complete. As the courses are constantly being updated, new topics are added. When you cover newly added material, your certificate will be automatically updated.
Stay motivated
Losing motivation is normal. Students quit even the most expensive and useful courses. We know how to keep you interested all the way - discover how our unique mechanics can keep the process of studying fun.
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