We create unique business solutions based on our research
SETURON offers complex solutions for creating online academies.
Creating content
We have made our own research laboratory and perfected the process of creating studying materials to ensure speed and quality of our work.

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Composing courses
We present information in various formats and include interactive elements to keep our users entertained.
Creating a brand
We use our educational platform competitive advantages to create a personalized academy.

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Creating studying materials
We know how to work with content.
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It is cheaper to make a course, then to spend money on every employee's onbording
Job rotation is a normal process. We will help you create useful introductory courses for quick and effective employee training.
Don't lose valuable expertise of your employees, turn it into a course
If your company lacks resources to create an internal knowledge database, we will help you do it. By interviewing your employees and systemizing their experience we will create an interactive course, which will help you preserve valuable insights for future workers.
Create your own interactive course
We created a convenient editor, which gives you options to work with texts, upload documents and create interactive assignments. Learn more about what our editor can do.
Easy editing
Our editing software allows you to create and update your studying materials. Fast and easy.
Interactive assignments
We have already introduced 8 different types of interactive tests and continue to add more, to ensure that studying on our platform is useful and fun.
We will help you create your own online-academy
We use the possibilities of our platform, to help you create your own educational environment.
Create training paths
Our editor allows you to create, manage and update your own training materials.
Analyze your students performance
Keep track of your employees activity and progress. If something goes wrong, you will clearly see it before it's too late.
Award certificates
Choose certificate templates, adapt them to your brand and award them to your employees for completing the courses.
Suggest innovations
If you are in need of additional services, which you didn't find in the ones stated above, leave an application and we will consider the possibilities of providing it.