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Creating smart educational
SETURON — is a platform, where people receive online education in a convenient format, and companies find motivated employees and opportunities to train their staff.
Platform and content
We are developing an educational platform. We create content ourselves, by involving experts from various fields.
Staff recruitment
We assist companies in testing job applicants' skills and knowledge and select the best candidates.
We develop three areas of research, to create the most relevant content and useful tools.
Our technologies have already been applied and are being used by our partners stated below and many others.
Creating an educational
Explore our online courses, that allow you to study new skills online. We do not offer endless boring texts. Every subject is carefully structured and separated into short and clear topics. We do not set limits or requirements for tasks that need to be completed daily: study whenever you feel comfortable and set your own agenda. Meanwhile we will keep improving the platform and making your studies more convenient and efficient.
Educational system
Choose a course from the catalogue, study the material and complete interactive tasks and objectives.
To keep platform users engaged, we introduced in-game points and learning achievement rewards. The user's personal account displays interactive progress analytics.
Learning management system
Monitor your employees' studying process. Customize and modify their training program by using a simple and easily understandable interface.
Training program editor
Create interactive training programs from scratch, edit tests, arrange all the components in order and your own personal course is ready! Your employees can study it.
We create all the content on the platform by ourselves
We search for experts and collect their knowledge and experience. Professional authors turn this knowledge into studying materials, and editors remove subjective judgements. Designers and illustrators visualize the information in the form of vivid pictures and interactive charts. And this is how our educational materials are created.
All courses are based on the microlearning principle. They are composed out of topics, which are divided into small logically completed parts.
We work with both technical and humanitarian areas, constantly expanding the scope of our competencies.
Creating unique solutions
We use our own research to tailor solutions to your business problems: we help you create your own product in educational sphere.
Creating a brand
Customize the system for yourself: according to your objectives and corporate style.
Creating training materials
Our content creating department will prepare personalized training materials, based on your needs.
Developing useful tools
If you require additional services, we can develop them at your request.
Keeping you motivated
There are five basic psycho types of a student. For each one we develop motivation techniques which allow us to make the studying process fun, like playing a game.
Easy to use
We collect and analyze data, interview our users and collect feedback. This allows to constantly improve our user interface and training materials.
Content and tools
We analyze the needs of our users and market trends, before implementing new tools orcreating new courses.
Private research department
We use new discoveries in psychology and neuropsychology, as well as our own research, to make the studying process more entertaining and efficient.
SETURON — is a team of professionals
We gathered experts from various spheres to create the best educational platform.