Turnkey course creation for yourself or your brand
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Enter the market professionally
Boost your company’s profit
Obtain a lead-generation machine in the global market
Monetize your experience
Share your expertise and start making money
Start your own EdTech business
Enter a niche with over a €100 billion turnover
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Why choose Seturon
Personalized approach
Tailored content for unique brand needs and audience
End-to-end management
Management of all stages of content creation, ensuring efficient, high-quality output. We've already made all the mistakes, so you don't have to
Focused on delivering tangible results through monitoring and analysis
Trustworthy professionals
Our team of seasoned methodologists, content creators and marketers has over 7 years of experience in launching successful EdTech products
Use cases
I. Promote and sell your own course on nearly any topic
We will
Do everything needed to deliver you a top-notch EdTech product
Develop comprehensive unit-economics for your course
You will
Multiple your investments
Collect positive reviews and profit from your own loyal audience
II. Generate qualified leads for your business
Benefit from implementing tried-and-true marketing funnels that deliver high-quality hot leads
Get steady cheap traffic from e-learning platforms like
Use your course as an interactive marketing tool in mailing, outreach and sales
Upsell your services to the course students and vice versa, using re-marketing tools
Demonstrate your expertise to your audience, increase retention and boost conversions
III. Let your employees onboard and learn faster than ever before
Bring your HR department to the next level. Our tailored approach ensures efficient qualification enhancement for your employees
Lego-like adaptive course creation
to fulfill any, even the most specific request
AI solutions
To save your time and deliver your knowledge in any language
Realistic avatar with natural voice-over to cover for the speaker
We will handle all the process step by step:
Market demand research
Researching market needs to ensure your course meets learner demands effectively
Strategy development
Analyzing trends to develop a targeted course creation strategy
Data evaluation
Collecting the client's expertise and open sources data
Course structure development
Creating engaging, tailored course structure for effective learning
Learning materials creation
Presentations, videos, lectures, spreadsheets, etc.
Crafting a comprehensive plan to launch and promote your course