Using online courses for business growth. Practical guide.
For Experts selling services, standing out in today's market is tough. But we know how.
Join our webinar, «Using online courses for business growth. Practical guide», where we'll show you how to handle these challenges with education.
Learn practical strategies to generate more clients and launch additional revenue streams.
Free live online webinar
June 6, 2024
16:00 CET
1 hour
In this webinar, you'll discover
How to use educational tools to differentiate yourself from the competition
Building trust
through education
Upselling additional
services to clients
Creating and selling courses
for additional revenue
In 2024, leveraging educational and courses can significantly set your business apart by. This approach attracts more clients, demonstrating your industry leadership, and providing valuable insights that address their needs.
Creating and offering educational courses is a way for businesses to showcase their expertise and build trust with potential clients.
Educational approach can help upsell your main services by positioning them as the next step for clients seeking further value.
Businesses can generate additional revenue by creating and selling educational courses. By providing valuable knowledge that clients are willing to pay for, you open a new income stream.
Who should attend
Aleksandra Pivovarova
Aleksandra is an experienced expert with over 6 years of expertise in EdTech. She has launched international educational products for more than 300,000 students.
Join our webinar and learn how to maximize business growth with educational tools
Why Seturon?
Commitment to quality
Our goal is to deliver educational content that informs, inspires and offers a holistic learning experience
Visual storytelling
Our team converts raw knowledge into visually engaging, learner-friendly educational materials
Embracing digital learning
With Seturon LMS we create dynamic, interactive and visually stimulating digital courses
Data-driven course refinement
We maximize learner satisfaction by refining courses through data analysis, student feedback and audience testing